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Solutions For Worker Safety And Situational Awareness

The Situation

Industrial site officials are faced with ongoing worker safety challenges.

Main Industrial Site
  • Do you know where field operators are at all times?
  • Can you quickly send help in an emergency situation?
  • Can you account for all operators during an emergency?
  • Can operators request assistance regardless of their location, indoors or out?
  • What about ‘man-down’ alerting?

Further complicating the issue are outside contractors and visitors.

The Challenge

Given this complex environment, the industrial site challenge is to provide situation awareness of operators.

The Solution

Through the use of vTrack™’s real-time GPS tracking technology, facility personnel and vehicles can be tracked with up to a 1 second rate. This system provides real-time geo-spatial data (location, heading and speed) for all vehicles and personnel and authorized visitors, which can be integrated with 3rd party Command and Control Systems.

  • vTrack™ allows for the viewing of all personnel/vehicle activity.
  • vTrack™ allows the end-user to setup Geo-Fences for real time alerting/notification.

Worker Safety

Key Features

  • Uses License-Free Wireless Communication
  • Easy Integration with 3rd Party Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Easy Integration with Video Management Systems (VMS) for automatic ‘Slew to Cue’
  • No Recurring Costs
  • Select Vehicles can be equipped with In-Vehicle Display for Real Time Asset Monitoring
  • Each Person/Vehicle is Tagged for Easy Identification and includes Numerous Attributes, such as Panic and ‘Man-Down’, Speed and Heading.
  • All Data is Saved for Forensic Review and Playback.

Other Industrial Site Applications

  • Managing Access to or within Restricted Areas
  • Electronic Escorting of Visitors
  • Safety Monitoring of Vehicle Operations
  • Situational Awareness of Emergency Response Teams
  • Security Personnel Tracking

Main Industrial Site