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About Remote Tracking Systems Inc.

What We Do

Remote Tracking Systems Inc. is a leading provider of Asset Tracking Solutions. RTS GPS tracking solutions include Long Range RF tracking system, vTrack™, as well as GSM/GPRS and Satcom trackers. Additionally, RTS has integrated Active RFID into its suite of trackers to provide unique solutions, such as indoor tracking, worker safety and personnel accountability/mustering.

Our vTrack™ system addresses critical security threats to high-value facilities and assets, such as US Military bases & Weapons facilities, Airports, Seaports, Railroad hubs and other Critical Infrastructure.

Our GSM/GPRS and Satcom GPS tracking systems provide security and safety professionals with accurate and reliable real-time tracking, in a high performance and cost effective manner.

Our tracking solutions, which can be either cloud based or in a closed environment, are seamlessly integrated into a single Linux based data server, which can run our browser based Geographic Display application, vMonitor™ , or can transit the data to your Display System.

Regardless of the application, we work closely with the end users to provide the optimal solution to meet their needs.

RTS is an Arizona based corporation.

Management Team

Steve Pisciotta, Founder and President
Mr. Steven Pisciotta is a 10 year veteran of the security industry. Prior to joining RTS, he held the position of Project Manager at Sensor Technologies and Systems (now ICx Technologies) and System Design Engineer at Honeywell Commercial Avionics.

He also developed and managed mission critical avionics system at Honeywell for 15 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge of software/hardware technologies and the security market. Steve holds a M.S.E.E. from Arizona State University.

Gary Pisciotta, Director of Marketing and Sales
Prior to joining RTS, Mr. Pisciotta was Founder/Principal of Merton3 Consulting, a provider of retail systems and business consulting.

He has managed the development of various decision support systems, warehouse management, and Distributed Transaction Management Systems. He has 20+ years of experience in project management, software design/development, and system integration.

Daniel Grambihler, Director of Software Engineering
Mr. Grambihler is a 20 year veteran of software development for mission critical avionics applications. He brings a tremendous knowledge to RTS after working at Honeywell Aerospace, ELDEC/Crane Aerospace and Boeing (McDonnell-Douglas) Helicopter.

Advisory Board

RTS utilizes a Strategic Advisory Board that is composed of experts in security, military, engineering, and business. The board meets several times a year and is designed to provide strategic business and market insight in order to assist RTS in becoming the market leader in advanced tracking technologies.