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Airport Tug & Dolly Tracking - Download PDF

Solutions for Airport Dolly-Cart-Tug Tracking

The Situation

Airport Tug & Dolly Tracking

Airport and airline officials are faced with a unique challenge of tracking tugs in real time, as well as unpowered dollies and carts.

Further complicating the issue, dollies and carts are can easily be lost, damaged and disconnected. Keeping track of these assets is difficult, but locating lost units is even more daunting.

The Challenge

Given this complex environment, the airport challenge is to provide a solution for real time situational awareness of unpowered assets and tugs in such a manner to produce a clear ROI to stakeholders.

The Solution

Through the use of vTrack™’s real-time GPS tracking technology with integrated Long Range RFID system, unpowered and powered assets can be tracked simultaneously.

Each tracking unit monitors Long Range RFID tags, which have a battery life of over 5 years, of dollies attached to tugs as well as stray dollies.

This system provides real-time geo-spatial data (location, heading and speed), which can be integrated with 3rd party Command and Control Systems.

Airport Tug & Dolly Tracking

Key Features

  • Uses License-Free Wireless Communication
  • Easy Integration with 3rd Party Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Easy Integration with Video Management Systems (VMS) for automatic ‘Slew to Cue’
  • No Recurring Costs
  • Active RFID Tag with over 5 year battery life
  • Monitor carts/dollies pulled by tugs
  • Monitor stranded carts

Data Analytical Features

  • To forecast Demand and control Supply via ‘nearest dolly’ to reduce transportation time
  • To control dolly damage and reduce maintenance costs
  • To optimize dolly utilization based on business growth
  • To provide a seamless solution that would benefit all departments with regard to operational cost, quality, safety, and efficiency

Airport Tug & Dolly Tracking