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Active RFID

Active RFID technology utilizes passive readers with battery powered tags. There are a variety of passive readers, with the following outputs: Weigand, RS-232, RS-422, Hardwired Ethernet and WiFi. The active tags are available in a variety of form factors.

Active RFID Technology-Active Tags

The tags for personnel can be worn using standard ID card straps or lanyards. Active tags are available in a variety of form factors, such as Key fob, Vehicle and Personnel. Personnel Tags have a standard ID card footprint (CR80) for attaching a photo ID and are available with Panic Button.

Active RFID Personnel Tag with Panic Button Active RFID Vehicle Tag Active RFID Personnel Tag

Key Features:

  • Tags constantly transmit a heart beat radio frequency pulse every 2 seconds
  • Have on-board Power Source (Battery)
  • Tags are always awake, due to embedded battery
  • Long life battery technology - up to 5 years for a tag
  • High impact resistant UV stabilized PVC case ultrasonically welded and sealed
  • 9 cm to 50 meter range, depending on reader antenna
  • Each tag and heart beat pulse is uniquely identified and numbered
  • Each tag heart beat pulse also contains battery level indicator

Active RFID Technology-Passive Readers

Active RFID readers are available in multiple output versions: Weigand, RS-232, RS-422, Hardwired Ethernet and WiFi. They are available in Power Over Ethernet (PoE).

The reader, shown to the right, continuously monitors all compatible RFID tags within its adjustable range of 9 cm to over 50 meters. The readers are small, consume very little power and do not emit any radiation and adjacent readers don't interfere with each other. The detection range is changed by software control. They are available with a variety of antennae options to achieve the optimal range.
Active RFID Reader

Key Reader Features:

  • Software adjustable range between 9 cm and 50 meters
  • Range can be extended to 600m with high gain directional antenna
  • Large numbers of tags are read quickly
  • Large adjustable buffer ensures tags are never missed even if network communications is temporarily interrupted.
  • Very low network bandwidth utilization
  • Does not make any RF noise
  • Does not have to wake up Tags
  • Does not interfere when placed in close proximity to each other
  • Can cover entire building or campus

General Applications:

  • Access Control
  • Indoor Tracking
  • Inventory Control
  • Personnel Accountability/Mustering

Product Specs For Download: