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Solutions for Personnel Accountability and Mustering

The Situation

Loss Prevention Summary

During an emergency, companies must account for all individuals within the facility. It is difficult to maintain a real time listing of personnel inside their buildings or on their campus at any given time.

Realistically, during an actual emergency, employees do not go to “Muster Points”.

In addition, visitors do not know where the “Muster Points” are located.

The Challenge

Given this complex situation, the Personnel Accountability challenge is to provide an automated method of determining who is inside the building(s) or on campus versus those who have exited.

The other important challenge is being able to provide, in real time, a list of personnel who are still inside the building(s) to First Responders.

The Solution

RTS’s Personnel Accountability and Mustering System, based upon Active RFID technology, which maintains a real time a list of personnel inside the facilities as well as those who have reached the muster zones.

QueLink GSM GL500

Key Features:

vMonitor 2.1 Alert Screen
vMonitor 2.1 Alert Screen
  • Standard Form Factor (CR80) ID Badge Active Tag
  • Tags constantly transmit a “heart beat” radio frequency pulse every 2 seconds
  • Tags Have “on-board” Power Source (Battery)
  • Long life battery technology – up to 5 years for a tag
  • High impact resistant UV stabilized PVC case ultrasonically welded and sealed
  • 9 cm to 50 meter range, depending on reader antenna
  • Each tag and heart beat pulse is uniquely identified and numbered with battery level
  • Off-Site Data Server
  • TCP/IP Passive RFID Readers
    • Scalable
    • Determine Direction of Travel
  • Wide Coverage Area Muster Station
vMonitor 2.1 Alert Screen