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Solutions for Retail Loss Prevention

The Situation

vMonitor 2.1 Alert Screen

Retail stores are faced with the difficult task of reducing and recovering merchandise losses due to theft. This problem is exacerbated with highly desirable electronics available in small packages.

The Challenge

Given this situation, loss prevention managers are faced with a difficult task. Typical security measures are expensive and/ or require frequent attention.

QueLink GSM GL500

How can loss prevention managers deploy a system which:

  • Provides real time alerting/notification and tracking
  • Has small GPS devices which can be hidden inside merchandise boxes
  • Requires minimal maintenance

The Solution

RTS’s Loss Prevention Solution combines real-time GPS tracking technology (gTrack™) with real-time monitoring/alerting application (vMonitor™). This solution provides the necessary tools for successfully monitoring high value items with minimal recurring effort, no local infrastructure, easy setup, 24/7 monitoring/alerting and flexible configuration.

gTrack ultra low-power GSM tracking devices:

  • Operate up to 2 years on a single set of batteries
  • Motion Stop and Start Messaging
  • One minute GPS Update While Tracking

vMonitor browser based application which provides real time monitoring of tracking devices with:

  • Geo-Fence alerting/notification via Text Messaging and Email
  • Real Time Tracking/Mapping Application
  • Multiple User Access with Multi-Level Hierarchy Structure
  • Trip History and Data Download

Ideal for Loss Prevention Applications, vMonitor™ can monitor and track over 1000s of assets. At the same time, gTrack™ addresses store personnel challenges of maintaining properly charged devices.

Loss Prevention Summary